What you should know about "pile" in carpet flooring

What you should know about "pile" in carpet flooring

Carpet pile refers to how the fibers (yarns) are attached to the backing of the carpeting. That, with fiber, will be one of your most important decisions as pile affects comfort underfoot and performance.

Carpet anatomy 101

Every carpet starts as a loop construction (pile). The yarns are looped through the backing with a sort of needlepoint action. Sometimes they stay that way. Berber and level loops styles would be an example.

Sometimes there's an additional step. The yarns are cut into piles of various heights to create high, low, medium, and Saxony piles.

Sometimes looped and cut piles are combined to create a floor covering various patterns and textures.

What style/pile for you?

Needs are highly individual. They depend on family size, room usage, kids, pets, etc.

If you have a large family with kids and pets, you'll want something easy to clean. Your best bet would be a low pile rug that is fashionable, more durable, and easier to clean.

Low piles, Berber, or level loop styles are also ideal for high-traffic areas, such as stairways.

You’ll see a lot of styles at our carpet store, from brands like Dixie Home. Be sure to tell us exactly what your needs are.

What about the feeling underfoot?

No doubt, a high pile shag is fluffy and soft. A Saxony Plush is velvety and luxurious

Shags require more care to clean; any plush will show footprints and vacuum marks.

They are ideal for the bedroom, a low-traffic area. While low and looped piles are also stylish, they are somewhat less soft.

Cut and loop rugs are used anywhere. We've seen this carpeting everywhere, including the bedroom.

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