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Are you ready for tile floors?

Tile is a very popular floor covering, even though few people realize it’s a material that’s been around for thousands of years. Then, as now, tile was revered for its resistance to water, its long life span and ease of maintenance as well. Now, the flooring is still loved for all the same reasons, and more. Not only is it beneficial in life span and benefits, but it creates a beautiful look to complement any décor at all, no matter how big or small the home.

Crown Flooring is staffed with employees who have already had years of actual experience in the flooring industry. That knowledge base spills over to the benefit of our loyal customers who have come to trust the products, services and experiences they get, by dealing with a locally owned business. From our showroom in Chantilly, VA, we proudly service the areas of Chantilly, Loudoun County, Fairfax, Prince William County, and Centreville and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Come see what a difference experience and trust can really make.

Tile for any room in your home

Many homeowners choose tile and have it placed in their bathrooms and kitchen, for many good reasons. The first is that tile is an excellent flooring for water resistance. In fact, with the proper slip-resistant glaze, you can even have them installed right inside your shower stall. Moisture, humidity, temperature changes and even various spills, won’t do much harm to these floors. The natural materials and gorgeous glazes keep them looking great, without much regard for anything you can toss at them.

While tile is great for rooms that have a damp reputation, they also make great floors for the rest of the house as well. In bedrooms, they can offer a completely hypoallergenic atmosphere for peaceful sleeping without the bother of allergens. In living areas, you can create amazing and colorful mosaics that will offer a conversation starter for any get together. Even the study or dining room would benefit from this amazing floor covering.

We do advise you to make use of our professional installation services when it comes to tile flooring. Specialized tools are necessary for many of the aspects that are normal to installing this floor. Furthermore, a professional installation can be the assurance you need that if anything does go wrong, the fix won’t be coming out of your own pocket and you’ll only be paying for exactly the amount of flooring that is used.

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